About Us

A firm knowledge of best construction practice, an understanding of complex projects, and a motivated, qualified workplace. 

Bridge City Interiors & Construction Limited specializes in commercial interiors, general building and project management for high profile commercial projects as well as high end residential work.

Formed in 1993, the company has built its reputation on excellence. Ongoing success in completing contracts that satisfy clients is due to knowledge of best construction practice; understanding of complex projects; provision of a motivated, qualified workforce; and, meeting deadlines and budgets.

Investment in the workers is vital for every job. Bridge City is dedicated to employee health and safety and is a member of Site Safe. As an NZQA approved company for training apprentices, emphasis is placed on developing and employing certified builders. The outcome is a team of loyal employees providing quality work at competitive prices.

Please view our Portfolio pages for images of recent projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Bridge City understands the importance of reducing the impact on our environmental and social surroundings for the benefit of current and future generation. We are committed to minimising the effects on our environment:

  • We follow all mains contractors environmental site instructions
  • Use our inactive to identify and highlight any environmental breaches or concerns.
  • Respecting our communities.
  • Complying with noise regulations.
  • Divert waste from landfill to reuse (Where possible).
  • Develop employment, employee training and business opportunities
  • Create a safe, diverse and fulfilling workplace for our team
  • Developing a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing to retain and grow our comprehensive      industry skill set. 

To be recognised and trusted as both a leading contractor and sub-contractor of choice, retain and foster the relationships with our clients and partners, develop new relationships and surpass client expectations.

We target innovation by staying up-to-date with industry technology, encouragement of knowledge sharing and collaboration, and by seeking out a competitive advantage with a focus on the future.

Encourage a culture that builds capabilities, supports diversity and inclusion continually

A firm knowledge of best construction practice, an understanding of complex projects, and a motivated, qualified workplace.