Health & safety

Think Safe - Work Safe - Home Safe

Our team trust in us that they will return home safely each day. Protecting our employees, clients, partners, and the general public is a top priority here at Bridge City.

On each site, Bridge City will:

    • Ensure we comply with all health and safety rules and regulations.
    • Provide the required information and training to allow all workers to work safely.
    • Provide the required safety equipment.
    • Eliminate / minimise any workplace hazards and risks as far as is reasonably practicable.
    • Provide an injury management framework alongside a return to work program. 

Workers will: 

    • Follow safe work procedures, instructions and rules. 
    • Participate in safety training. 
    • Report health and safety hazards, as well as injuries and incidents. 
    • Use the required safety and protective equipment.